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  2005_03_04a Dad Funeral - Veteran Died.jpg  
  2005_03_04b Dad Brianne.JPG  
  2005_03_04c Dad Funeral - Dad_Car_Small.jpg  
  2005_03_04d Dad Funeral - grandpa1.jpg  
  2005_03_04e Dad Funeral - Mom & Dad wedding2 Big.jpg  
  2005_03_04f Dad Funeral - Mom & Dad wedding2 Small.jpg  
  2005_03_04g Dad Funeral - Mom_Dad_Cake_Small.jpg  
  2005_03_04h Dad Funeral - Dad Obit.jpg  
  2005_03_04i Dad Funeral - 2 computer dorks.JPG  
  2005_03_04j Dad Funeral - 3 happy computer dorks.JPG  
  2005_03_04k Dad Funeral - back of house.JPG  
  2005_03_04l Dad Funeral - Bert and Steve by the tractor.JPG  
  2005_03_04m Dad Funeral - Board 1.JPG  
  2005_03_04n Dad Funeral - Board 2.jpg  
  2005_03_04o Dad Funeral - Board 3.jpg  
  2005_03_04p Dad Funeral - Board 4.jpg  
  2005_03_04q Dad Funeral - Board 6.jpg  
  2005_03_04r Dad Funeral - Board 7.JPG  
  2005_03_04s Dad Funeral - Board 8.jpg  
  2005_03_04t Dad Funeral - Board 9.jpg  
  2005_03_04u Dad Funeral - Family_Tree_1.JPG  
  2005_03_04v Dad Funeral - Family_Tree_2.jpg  
  2005_03_04w Dad Funeral - Family_Tree_3.JPG  
  2005_03_05a Dad Funeral - Kyle and Jim.JPG  
  2005_03_05b Dad Funeral - Mary Nancy Lynne and Tom.JPG  
  2005_03_05c Dad Funeral - Medals.JPG  
  2005_03_05d Dad Funeral - new TV 1.JPG  
  2005_03_05e Dad Funeral - new TV 2.JPG  
  2005_03_05f Dad Funeral - new TV 3.JPG  
  2005_03_05g Dad Funeral - peeps explode.JPG  
  2005_03_05h Dad Funeral - peeps.JPG  
  2005_03_05i Dad Funeral - Sam painting Nancy's nails.JPG  
  2005_03_05j Dad Funeral - setting up the new TV.JPG  
  2005_03_05k Dad Funeral - Sue Grandma and Nancy.JPG  
  2005_03_05l Dad Funeral - winter.JPG  
  2005_03_05m Dad Funeral - Uniform.JPG  
  2005_03_05n Dad Funeral - Flag.jpg  
  2005_03_05o Dad Funeral - Taps.JPG  
  2005_03_05p Dad Funeral - Dad Becky Eulogy.jpg  
  2005_03_05q Dad Funeral - Dad Rose Eulogy.jpg  
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  2005_03_05r Dad Funeral - Grandpa Kodey WW2 Memories.doc  
  2005_03_05s Dad Funeral - Jim Goodspeed 1994 Grandpa Interview.doc  
  2017_04_07a Tom's trip from D.C. to Endicott - What the heck is that white stuff anyway ....jpg  
  2017_04_07b Friday night at hotel with Nirchi's.jpg  
  2017_04_07c Lindsey & Iva Lorraine.jpg  
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  2017_04_07d Lindsey, Iva Lorraine & Nancy.jpg  
  2017_04_07e Nancy & Iva Lorraine.jpg  
  2017_04_08a Mary Rose & Kathy Gibbs.jpeg  
  2017_04_08b Matthew & Dale.jpeg  
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  2017_04_08c Hilltop Note about Mom.jpg  
  2017_04_08c Monica did the eulogy.jpeg  
  2017_04_08d Rose, Ryan, Lindsey, Ida Lorraine.jpeg  
  2017_04_08e We clean up good ....jpg  
  2017_04_09 Lynne For Mom.mp4  
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