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  2017_05a Tom has gotten 21 cancer medals.jpg  
  2017_05b Lynne gets her first ... hopefully first of many - it wasn't meant to be.jpg  
  2017_11_06a Church made this video - Still praying for a miracle - it wasn't to be.mp4  
  2017_11_11a Lynne Kodey Obituary.jpg  
  2017_12_09a Lynne's Memorial by Lynne.mp4  
  2017_12_09b Picture Board at Memorial.jpg  
  2017_12_09c Another Picture Board.jpg  
  2017_12_09d Lynne made the T for my birthday.jpg  
  2017_12_09e Lynne made the R for Rob's birthday.jpg  
  2017_12_09f Memory Trees.jpg  
  2017_12_09g Lynne's Memorial by Tom.mp4  
  2017_12_09h Lynne Kodey Memorial.mp3  
  2017_12_09i Lynne loved Happy Face balloons.jpg  
  2017_12_09j Beth, Laura, Lee.jpg  
  2017_12_09k Lee & Laura working on Memory Book.jpg  
  2017_12_09l Memory Book.jpg  
  2017_12_09m Condolence notes from Funeral home website.jpg  
  2017_12_09n Condolence notes from Funeral home website.jpg  
  2017_12_09w Light To The World.jpg  
  2017_12_09x I'll be there sometime.jpg  
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