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  1963_06a Senior all night prom party.jpg  
  1963_06b Senior Prom. Tom, Lynne, Lee, Phil Singer.jpg  
  1963_06c Tom & Lynne Prom.jpg  
  1963_06d Tom Lynne Lee HS Graduation.jpg  
  1963_09 Lynne DePauw freshman.jpg  
  1963_10 Lynne DePauw sorority picture.jpg  
  1964a Lynne Depauw Lucy Roland Hall.jpg  
  1964b Lynne Depauw Pat Schrag.jpg  
  1965_06 circa Mom Flower Garden.mp4  
  1965_07a Ping pong in Lynne's basement when we were dating.jpg  
  1965_07b Sunbeam Sports Car.jpg  
  1965_12a Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1966_10a Lynne Joke Picture.jpg  
  1966_10b Lynnes College Friends.jpg  
  1966_10c Lynnes College Friends.jpg  
  1966_10d Lynnes College Friends Bonnie.jpg  
  1966_10e Lynnes College Friends Pat.jpg  
  1967_05a Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_05b Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10a Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10b Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10c Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10d Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10e Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10f Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10g Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10h Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10i Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10j Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10k Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10l Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10m Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10n Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10o Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10p Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10q Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10r Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10s Wedding Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  1967_06_10t Wedding Tom & Lynne Toms Sister Sue.jpg  
  1967_06_10u Wedding Tom & Lynne.mp4  
  1967_06_11a Honeymoon In Sarasota Fl.jpg  
  1967_06_11b Honeymoon In Sarasota Fl.jpg  
  1967_06_11c Honeymoon In Sarasota Fl.jpg  
  1967_06_11d Honeymoon In Sarasota Fl.jpg  
  1967_06_11e Honeymoon In Sarasota Fl.jpg  
  1967_06_11f Niagra Falls.jpg  
  1967_06_11g Niagra Falls.jpg  
  1967_06_12a Tom & Lynnes First Apartment Endicott NY.jpg  
  1967_06_12b Tom & Lynnes First Apartment Endicott NY.jpg  
  1967_07 Tom Is Off To The Army.mp4  
  1967_08a Basic Training.jpg  
  1967_08b Basic Training Ray Lasky.jpg  
  1967_08c Dad Kodey.jpg  
  1967_08d Tom Army Basic Training.jpg  
  1967_09a tom and lynne269.jpg  
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  1967_09b Our Washington DC apartment was pretty small. No AC either!.jpg  
  1967_10a From outdoor show in D.C.jpg  
  1967_10b Off To Washington DC.jpg  
  1967_10c Tom's Motorcycle.jpg  
  1967_12 Washington, D.C..jpg  
  1968 Our Favorite Car, 1966 Chevy Impala - until the Miata.jpg  
  1968_05 I guess my contacts didn't like the flash.jpg  
  1969_05a Iowa.jpg  
  1969_05b Iowa.jpg  
  1969_05c Iowa State University Village married housing.jpg  
  1969_06a Lynne & Pat Schrage.jpg  
  1969_06b Lynne & Pat Schrage.jpg  
  1969_06c Iowa.jpg  
  1969_06d Iowa.jpg  
  1969_09 Tom Has Pilots License.jpg  
  1969_10 Halloween costumes at Iowa State - Tarzan & Pumpkin.jpg  
  1969_12a Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12b Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12c Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12d Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12e Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12f Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12g Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12h Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12i Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12j Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1969_12k Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1970_05 Dad in his uniform.jpg  
  1970_06a circa Grandpa Kotek.jpg  
  1970_06b Tom & Lynne Iowa Hippies.jpg  
  1970_07a Kodeys Visit Iowa.jpg  
  1970_07b Kodeys Visit Iowa.jpg  
  1970_08 Lynne's lying Lesson.jpg  
  1970_09a Pat Schrage Baby Lynne's Homemade Dress 1.jpg  
  1970_09b Pat Schrage Baby Lynne's Homemade Dresspng.jpg  
  1970_09c Pat Schrage Baby Lynne's Homemade Dress.jpg  
  1970_12a Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1970_12b Christmas In Endwell.jpg  
  1970_12c Christmas In Endwell 03.jpg  
  1970_12d Christmas In Endwell 04.jpg  
  1970_12e Christmas In Endwell 05.jpg  
  1970_12f Christmas In Endwell 06.jpg  
  1970_12g Christmas In Endwell 07.jpg  
  1970_12h Christmas In Endwell 08.jpg  
  1970_12i Christmas In Endwell 09.jpg  
  1970_12j Christmas In Endwell 10.jpg  
  1971_05 Toms President ISU Flying Club With Bob Hoover At National Competition.jpg  
  1971_06 Tom Builds Airplane In ISU Married Housing Apartment.jpg  
  1971_12a Iowa Winter.jpg  
  1971_12b Iowa Winter.jpg  
  1971_12c Iowa Winter.jpg  
  1971_12d Iowa Winter.jpg  
  1971_12e Iowa Winter.jpg  
  1972_05 Iowa Apartment.jpg  
  1972_06a Jim & Gail Carroll.jpg  
  1972_06b Kodey Men.jpg  
  1972_06c Lynne on Dave's bike.jpg  
  1972_06d Tom too.jpg  
  1972_12 Lynne's IBM Christmas party palazzo pants outfit.jpg  
  1973_01 Sue & Dave were very excited when they found out we were pregnant.jpg  
  1973_06 Rob's Room.jpg  
  1973_07a Lynne 9 mos Pregnant.jpg  
  1973_07c 08_28 Rob's Hospital Bill - Pretty Cheap.jpg  
  1973_08_28b Rob's Hospital Tag.jpg  
  1973_08_28c Rob's Birth Announcement.jpg  
  1973_08_30a Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_08_30b Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_08_30c Lynne & Rob.jpg  
  1973_08_30d Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_09 Four Generations.jpg  
  1973_09 Rob Grandma Grandpa Kodey.jpg  
  1973_09 Rob Grandma Grandpa Wright.jpg  
  1973_09 Rob In Crib Tom Tom Made.jpg  
  1973_09 Rob.jpg  
  1973_09 Tom Lynne & new Rob.jpg  
  1973_09 Tom Lynne Rob.jpg  
  1973_09_02a Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_09_02b Lynne Rob Home From Hospital.jpg  
  1973_09_02c Tom Rob First Day Home.jpg  
  1973_09_02d Tom Rob Home From Hospital.jpg  
  1973_09_02e Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_09_02f Rob At Home 1 Week Old.jpg  
  1973_09_02g Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_09_02h Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_09_02i Rob Come Home To Levittown House.jpg  
  1973_09_02k Rob End Of First Day Home.jpg  
  1973_11a Did I really wear those.jpg  
  1973_11a Rob & Grandma Wright.jpg  
  1973_12a Lynne Tom Rob Christmas Card Picture.jpg  
  1973_12b Christmas.jpg  
  1973_12c Rob - One Of Our Favorite Pictures.jpg  
  1974 Rob 2nd Christmas - Looks Like He Approves.jpg  
  1974_01a 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01b 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01c 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01d 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01e 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01f 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01g 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01h 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01i 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01j 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01k 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01l 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01m 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01n 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01o 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01p 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01q 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01r 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01s 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01t 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01u 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01v 1973 - 1976 Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1974_01w Rob & Tom.jpg  
  1974_02 Rob - Lynne Nicknamed Him Robin.jpg  
  1974_04a Rob at 4 mos - Great Grandpa Kodey.jpg  
  1974_04b Rob at 4 mos - Great Grandpa Kodey.mp4  
  1974_04c Rob at Easter.jpg  
  1974_05a Mom & Sisters.jpg  
  1974_05b Rob Was A Happy Kid.jpg  
  1974_06a Rob & Lynne - 1st Birthday.jpg  
  1974_06b Lynne Rob In Levittown House Pool.jpg  
  1974_06c Rob at 10 mos swimming Levittown.mp4  
  1974_06d Rob & Sue.jpg  
  1974_06e Rob & Tom Fathers Day - Who Doesnt Like Cotton Candy.jpg  
  1974_06f Rob & Tom Fathers Day - Cotton Candy.jpg  
  1974_06f Rob & Tom Fathers Day.jpg  
  1974_06g Rob Was Pretty Photogenic.jpg  
  1974_06h Rob & Tom First Haircut 1.jpg  
  1974_06i Rob & Tom First Haircut 2.jpg  
  1974_06j Rob & Favorite Blanket.jpg  
  1974_07a Rob 1.jpg  
  1974_07c Rob 3.jpg  
  1974_07d Rob 4.jpg  
  1974_07e Rob at 11 mos Levittown.mp4  
  1974_07f Rob Loved His Blanket.jpg  
  1974_08a Rob 1.jpg  
  1974_08b Rob at 12-13 mos Levittown.mp4  
  1974_11 Rob With Thanksgiving Drumstick.jpg  
  1974_12a Rob Christmas Picture.jpg  
  1974_12b Rob.jpg  
  1975_04 Rob With Our Vega & Levittown House.jpg  
  1975_05a Rob Grows Up 33.jpg  
  1975_05b Rob Grows Up 34.jpg  
  1975_06a circa Lynne's Uncle had this friendly Great Dane.jpg  
  1975_06b Rob & Dave.jpg  
  1975_06c Rob & Grandma Kodey.jpg  
  1975_06d Rob & Great Grandpa Kotek.jpg  
  1975_06e Rob & Lynne Horsing Around.jpg  
  1975_06f Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_06g Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_06h Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_06i Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_06j Rob Steve Jimmy Goodspeed.jpg  
  1975_11a Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_11b Rob Chubby Cheeks.jpg  
  1975_11c Rob Started Working Early.jpg  
  1975_12a Rob - Who Likes Christmas.jpg  
  1975_12b Rob & Tom 1st Toolbox.jpg  
  1975_12c Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_12d Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_12e Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_12f Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_12g Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_12h Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1975_12i Rob Grows Up.jpg  
  1976_04a Rob Hard At Work On The Airplane.jpg  
  1976_04b Rob Loved His Tricycle.jpg  
  1976_04c Rob Swingset.jpg  
  1976_05 Rob at 3 yrs Kodeys.mp4  
  1976_06a Rob Fat Bat In Lexington Park Md.jpg  
  1976_07 Rob.jpg  
  1976_08 Rob 3rd Birthday.jpg  
  1976_09 LAMPS Flight Test.jpg  
  1976_09 Rob at 3 yrs Hickories baseball.mp4  
  1976_11 Flight Test Recognition.jpg  
  1976_12a Christmas Kodeys_Home_Wrights.mp4  
  1976_12b Rob Shoveling Snow.mp4  
  1976_12c Decorating Christmas Tree.mp4  
  1976_12d Rob Tonka Truck.jpg  
  1976_12e Tom Lynne Rob Tricycle.jpg  
  1977 Tom Lynne Married 10 Years - Rose & Rob's Wedding.jpg  
  1977_03a Rob Acrobatics.mp4  
  1977_03b Rob Swing Set.mp4  
  1977_05a Fatbat Baseball.mp4  
  1977_05b Watermalon Resting From Siding House.mp4  
  1977_06a Tom Lynne Rob IBM Family Day In Elmira - Those Are The Number Of Votes We Each Get In The Family.jpg  
  1977_06b Rob & Jim Goodspeed Swingset.mp4  
  1977_06c Rob Eldridge Park Elmira IBM Family Day.mp4  
  1977_06d Watermelon Rob_Jimmy_Steve_John-Paul Loftis.mp4  
  1977_07e Rob & Lynne Chenango Valley State Park.mp4  
  1977_07f Rob & Lynne Sprinkler.mp4  
  1977_08 Rob 4th Birthday.mp4  
  1977_09 Rob Schweigers Pony.mp4  
  1977_10 Halloween.mp4  
  1977_12a Christmas.mp4  
  1977_12b Rob Sue Dave With Desk They Refinished Fro Rob.jpg  
  1977_12c Christmas - I Guess We Got New Coats.jpg  
  1978 Lynne Rob & Airplane.jpg  
  1978 Rob - Must Be Tooth Fairy Time.jpg  
  1978 Rob Coloring Easter Eggs.jpg  
  1978 Rob's 5th Birthday.jpg  
  1978 Tom Dave & Airplane.jpg  
  1978 Tom Lynne Rob Visit Hipshers In California.jpg  
  1978_02a Owego Snowfall.mp4  
  1978_02b Rob First Ice Skating.mp4  
  1978_05 Rob Kite Flying.mp4  
  1978_06 Rob Jim Goodspeed park Swimming Tractor.mp4  
  1978_07 Flying Vacation To Hipshers.mp4  
  1978_08 Rob 5th Birthday.mp4  
  1978_09 Rob Swingset.mp4  
  1978_12 Christmas.mp4  
  1979_01 Rob Building Model Airplane.mp4  
  1979_04a Rob Learnes Bike Riding.jpg  
  1979_04b Rob Learning To Ride 2-wheel Bike.mp4  
  1979_07 Rob 1st Baseball Glove.mp4  
  1979_08a Rob 6th Birthday.mp4  
  1979_08b Rob Swimming.mp4  
  1979_08c Robs Set For Kindergarten.jpg  
  1979_08d Rob With 2 Week Old Spock.jpg  
  1979_09a 1st RC Sailplane - Floater.mp4  
  1979_09b Rob Tom Arm Wrestling.mp4  
  1979_09c Spock Arrives.mp4  
  1979_09d Tom Lynne Rob 1st RC Sailplane - Floater.jpg  
  1979_10a Rob On Bike.mp4  
  1979_10b Tom & Rob 1st RC Cars.mp4  
  1979_12a Rob & Spock.mp4  
  1979_12b Rob Christmas Train.mp4  
  1979_12c Spock & Rob.mp4  
  1979_12d Tom Lynne Rob and Our Hobbies.jpg  
  1980_01a circa Lynne's Dad loved growing African Violets. He had 1200 at one time..jpg  
  1980_01b Tom Rob Spock Bath.jpg  
  1980_02a Rob RC Car Racing.mp4  
  1980_02b Rob Snow Cave.mp4  
  1980_02c Roller Skating.mp4  
  1980_02d Sledding & Spock.mp4  
  1980_05 Tom Outdoor RC Car Racing.mp4  
  1980_08a Crabbing Pax River Md.mp4  
  1980_08b Pax River Md Camano RC Sailplane.mp4  
  1980_08c Rob 7th Birthday Pax River Md.mp4  
  1980_08d Sailplane & Kites St Marys College Pax River Md.mp4  
  1980_09 Rob Diving Pax River Md.mp4  
  1980_10 Rob Soccer - We Coached The DynaMites Pax River Md.mp4  
  1980_12 Sledding Bowling Skating with Hipshers.mp4  
  1981_06 Rob & Lynne Water Skiing at Underkoflers cottage.mp4  
  1982_08 Flying Vacation West - Skate boarding Hinshaws Swimming Tubing Rapid City.mp4  
  1982_10a Our first investing experience a. We were VERY nervous.jpg  
  1982_10b Our first investing experience b.jpg  
  1983_06 Rob Cart.jpg  
  1983_08a Flying Vacation Rose Disney - Chatahoochee Rafting Epcot River Country Motorboat Fireworks.mp4  
  1983_08b Rob Bike Tricks.mp4  
  1983_08c Rob El Rancho De Paz.mp4  
  1983_08d Vestal Water Slide.mp4  
  1983_10a Owego Soccer - Tom Referees.mp4  
  1984_10b Halloween V.mp4  
  1984_12 Rob & Bret Hipsher Christmas.mp4  
  1985_02 Rob Skiing.mp4  
  1985_07 Rob Goodspeeds in Portlane Me.mp4  
  1985_08 Rob Glendale Bike Track.mp4  
  1986_02 Rob's 1st 'Computer'.jpg  
  1986_12a Tom Lynne Rob 1.jpg  
  1986_12b Tom Lynne Rob 2 Christmas.jpg  
  1987_01a GW 1.jpg  
  1987_01b GW 2.jpg  
  1987_05 Tom Sailplane Windsong Rob Sailplane Golden Eagle.mp4  
  1987_07a Kodeys & Hipshers One Card No See Um San Diego.jpg  
  1987_07b Lynne Lee Stephanie San Diego.jpg  
  1987_07c Rob & Bret San Diego.jpg  
  1987_07d Rob At San Diego House Back Yard.jpg  
  1987_07e Wrights & Hipshers Visit Kodeys San Diego.jpg  
  1988_02 Rob & Bret Hipsher In San Diego.jpg  
  1988_04 Rob School Picture.jpg  
  1988_06 Rob Skateboarding In San Diego.jpg  
  1988_07 Tom Lynne Rob.jpg  
  1989_03 Rob Tioga County United Way Art Awards.mp4  
  1989_04 Rob & Spock.mp4  
  1989_07 Bert, Annie, Joey, Mary, Lena, Stan, Cyril missing ShoresHillReunion1989070.jpg  
  1989_09 Rob School Picture.jpg  
  1989_09 Robs Lunar Ecipse Time Lapse.mp4  
  1989_11 Thanksgiving At Kodeys.jpg  
  1990_02 Gene Wright.jpg  
  1990_03 Robs Art Awards.mp4  
  1990_05 Circa Dad Kodey & Uncle Bert.jpg  
  1991_05a Rob Inducted Into National Honor Society.jpg  
  1991_05b Rob Tom Lynne With Senator Matt McHugh Art Award.jpg  
  1991_05c Robs Artwork.jpg  
  1991_05d Robs Award Winning Artwork.jpg  
  1991_06a Mon & Dad Kodey.jpg  
  1992_06a Rob Graduates HS.jpg  
  1992_06b Tom Lynne Rob HS Graduation.jpg  
  1992_06d Tom & Lynne 25th Anniversary.jpg  
  1992_06_06c Robs HS Graduation.mp4  
  1993_06e Rob Vollyball.mp4  
  1993_06f Tom At Golf Course.jpg  
  1993_07 Tom Lynne Rob Lee - Rob is At SUNY Albany.jpg  
  1994_07 Kodeys 50th Anniversary.mp4  
  1995_07 Robs Volleyball.mp4  
  1995_08 Disney World.mp4  
  1995_12a Mom & Dad Kodey.jpg  
  1995_12b Robs SUNY Albany Graduation.mp4  
  1965_12b circa Young Mary Rose Sue.mp4  
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