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  1996a Tom & Dave In Denver.jpg  
  1996b Tom & Lynne Visit Dave's Family In Denver.jpg  
  1996c Tom Dad & John At Sharkeys.jpg  
  1996d Tom Lynne & Lee In Great Falls.jpg  
  1996e Tom Lynne Rob - Rob is at Payne Weber In NJ.jpg  
  1996f Lynnes Broken Knee.mp4  
  1997_07a Lynne Tom Rob - Chemotherapy.BMP  
  1997_07b Lynne Tom Rob Borrowed Lynnes Hair.bmp  
  1998_02a Rose Made This For Our 1st Snowbird Trip To Daytona.jpg  
  1998_02b Tom & Lynne - That's a $3M Boat In The Background.jpg  
  1998_02c Tom Lynne & Rose Ft Lauderdale.jpg  
  1998_02d X Marks Our Snowbird Townhouse.jpg  
  1998_05 Lynne & Tom In Owego House.jpg  
  1998_06 Tom Lynne Rob At Kodey's.jpg  
  1998_07 Whale Watching Out Of Boston With Nancy & Steve.mp4  
  1999_03a Lynne & Lee At World Village Of Golf.jpg  
  1999_03b Lynne & Lee Behind Our Snowbird Townhouse.jpg  
  1999_03c Lynne & Lee Pelican Bay Golf.jpg  
  2000_08a G&G Tom Lynne Rob.jpg  
  2000_08b G&G.jpg  
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  2000_08c Tom Lynne Rob.jpg  
  2001_06a Lee Lynne.jpg  
  2001_06b Tom Lynne Rob 1.JPG  
  2001_06c Tom.jpg  
  2001_07a G&G 1.jpg  
  2001_07b Kodey_Wright.jpg  
  2001_07c Lynne Rob Reston Va.jpg  
  2001_07d Nancy Lynne.jpg  
  2001_07e Nancy Steve Goodspeed.jpg  
  2001_07f Tom and Lynne at Lexington.jpg  
  2001_07g Tom and Lynne at Nancy.jpg  
  2001_07h Tom and Nancy at Lexington Mass.jpg  
  2001_07j Tom Lynne Lexington Mass 1.jpg  
  2001_07k Tom Lynne Lexington Mass 2.jpg  
  2001_07l Tom Lynne Rose at Daytona Boardwalk7.jpg  
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  2001_07m Tom Lynne at Daytona Boardwalk.jpg  
  2001_09a Moms Quilt Wedding ring quilt.jpg  
  2001_09b Moms Quilt with Bible Themes.jpg  
  2002_02 Robs Boxter On Beach.jpg  
  2002_07 Tom & Dave.jpg  
  2002_08 Tom & Dave With Their GPSs 18.jpg  
  2002_11a Thanksgiving All the Gals.JPG  
  2002_11b Thanksgiving All the Guys.JPG  
  2002_11c Thanksgiving Crafty Gals.JPG  
  2002_11d Thanksgiving Dad.jpg  
  2002_11e Thanksgiving Daves Family.JPG  
  2002_11f Thanksgiving Dinner 1.JPG  
  2002_11g Thanksgiving Dinner 2.JPG  
  2002_11h Thanksgiving Dinner 3.JPG  
  2002_11i Thanksgiving Jim Brianne Rob.JPG  
  2002_11j Thanksgiving Kodey Goodspeed.JPG  
  2002_11k Thanksgiving Kodey.JPG  
  2002_11l Thanksgiving Mom Dad K.JPG  
  2002_11m Thanksgiving Mom K Brianne.JPG  
  2002_11n Thanksgiving Mom K Nancy.JPG  
  2002_11o Thanksgiving Mom W.JPG  
  2002_11p Thanksgiving Weather.JPG  
  2002_12a Kodey Snyder.jpg  
  2002_12b Tom.jpg  
  2003 Ponce Inlet Ocean View.jpg  
  2003 Ponce Inlet Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  2003_01_24a Lynne Icicle in Daytona.jpg  
  2003_01_24b Tom Icicle in Daytona.jpg  
  2003_06_14a Mutt&Jeff.jpg  
  2003_06_14b Rob Ferrari.jpg  
  2003_08_01a Mom 80th Birthday Cake.JPG  
  2003_08_01b Mom 80th Birthday Dad Ferrari 2.JPG  
  2003_08_01c Mom 80th Birthday Dave Mom Aunts Party9.jpg  
  2003_08_01d Mom 80th Birthday Dave Rose_Car.jpg  
  2003_08_01e Mom 80th Birthday Dave Sam.jpg  
  2003_08_01f Mom 80th Birthday Dave Tom_Dave.jpg  
  2003_08_01g Mom 80th Birthday Dave Tom_Family1.jpg  
  2003_08_01h Mom 80th Birthday Dave Tom_Rob Party7.jpg  
  2003_08_01i Mom 80th Birthday Family 1.jpg  
  2003_08_01j Mom 80th Birthday Family 2.JPG  
  2003_08_01k Mom 80th Birthday Family 4.JPG  
  2003_08_01l Mom 80th Birthday Family BBQ.JPG  
  2003_08_01m Mom 80th Birthday Family Immediate.JPG  
  2003_08_01n Mom 80th Birthday GrandKids Apple Tree.JPG  
  2003_08_01o Mom 80th Birthday Guys.JPG  
  2003_08_01p Mom 80th Birthday Mom & Aunts.JPG  
  2003_08_01q Mom 80th Birthday Mom & Dad.JPG  
  2003_08_02a Mom 80th Birthday Mom Brianne.JPG  
  2003_08_02b Mom 80th Birthday Mom Dad Bert MaryRose.JPG  
  2003_08_02c Mom 80th Birthday Mom Dad Cake.JPG  
  2003_08_02d Mom 80th Birthday Mom Ferrari 2.jpg  
  2003_08_02e Mom 80th Birthday Mom Ferrari.JPG  
  2003_08_02f Mom 80th Birthday Sam Ferrari.jpg  
  2003_08_02g Mom 80th Birthday Tom & Sue.jpg  
  2003_08_02h Mom 80th Birthday Tom Dave.JPG  
  2003_08_02i Mom 80th Birthday Tom Family 1.JPG  
  2003_08_02j Mom 80th Birthday Tom Family 2.JPG  
  2003_08_02k Mom 80th Birthday Tom Family 3.JPG  
  2003_08_02l Mom 80th Birthday Tom Family 4.JPG  
  2003_08_02m Mom 80th Birthday Tom Lynne Nancy Rene.jpg  
  2003_08_02m Mom 80th Birthday Tom Rob.jpg  
  2003_08_02n Mom 80th Birthday Tom Rose Dale Tractor.JPG  
  2003_08_02o Tom Lynne Rob Skyline Drive.JPG  
  2003_10a Rob Is A 'Suit' 1.jpg  
  2003_10b Rob Is A 'Suit' 2.jpg  
  2004_02a Rob.jpg  
  2004_02b Rob.JPG  
  2004_06a Dave Visit Daytona 0715.JPG  
  2004_06b Dave Visit Daytona 0721.JPG  
  2004_06c Dave Visit Daytona 0730.JPG  
  2004_06d Dave Visit Daytona 0731.jpg  
  2004_07a Wrights b.JPG  
  2004_07b Wrights c.JPG  
  2005 Tom at beach.jpg  
  2005_05 Tom Lynne Rob.jpg  
  2005_07a Beth, Lynne, Lee.JPG  
  2005_07c Laura, Bret.JPG  
  2005_07e Jason, Laura, Conner, Tyler, Collin.JPG  
  2005_07f Laura loves Rob's car.JPG  
  2005_07g Bret too.JPG  
  2005_07h Wright Family.jpg  
  2006_01_29 Superbowl Sunday Fun With Church Teens 1.jpg  
  2006_01_29 Superbowl Sunday Fun With Church Teens 2.jpg  
  2006_02 Retro Dress Day At Church - Chris Tom.jpg  
  2006_04 Rob White House Press Room Tour.jpg  
  2006_05 Tom Lynne & Rob 1424.JPG  
  2006_06a Lee & Lynne.JPG  
  2006_06b Lynnes Artwork 1615.JPG  
  2006_06c Tom & Lynne 1460.JPG  
  2006_06d Tom & Lynne BCC Dscf0188.jpg  
  2006_06e Tom & Lynne BCC Dscf0189.jpg  
  2006_06f Tom & Lynne BCC Dscf0190.jpg  
  2006_06g Visit Snyder Farm 1619.JPG  
  2006_06h Visit Snyder Farm 1622.JPG  
  2006_08 Favorite Dip.gif  
  2006_11 Tom & Lynne At Rose's Ft Lauderdale.JPG  
  2006_12 December In Florida.JPG  
  2007_03a Church Skeet Shoot-Mike Walzak,Randy Chambers, Brent Demo, Chris&Mark Garret, Mike Olshevsky.jpg  
  2007_03b Skeet Shooting.jpg  
  2007_05a Cancer Walk with Brent Demo.JPG  
  2007_05b Cancer Walk.JPG  
  2007_08 Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  2007_08a Denver Brandon and Chris.JPG  
  2007_08b Denver Bret Hipsher.JPG  
  2007_08c Denver Brothers 1.JPG  
  2007_08d Denver Brothers 2.JPG  
  2007_08e Denver Brothers 3.jpg  
  2007_08f Denver Dave Kodey Family.JPG  
  2007_08g Denver Dave The Chef.JPG  
  2007_08h Denver How Many GPSs Are Enough.JPG  
  2007_08i Denver Renee and Chris.jpg  
  2007_11 Tom & Lynne at Rose's.jpg  
  2008_01a Lee_Tyler_Colin_Connor.jpg  
  2008_01b Lynne & Toms Mazda MX-5.jpg  
  2008_02a Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02b Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02d Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02e Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02f Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02h Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02i Cruise.JPG  
  2008_02j Cruise Group.jpg  
  2008_04 Lynne driving Miata.mp4  
  2008_05 Lynne w Artwork.JPG  
  2008_11_14a Shuttle Launch 1.JPG  
  2008_11_14b Shuttle Launch 4s.mp4  
  2008_11_27a Thanksgiving at Rose's 2533.JPG  
  2008_11_27b Thanksgiving at Rose's 2534.JPG  
  2009_01 Jim & Betty Mackey Neighbors & Friends.JPG  
  2009_03_15 Shuttle Launch.mp4  
  2009_06 Chris & Georgia Patton - Daytona Best Friends.JPG  
  2009_07 Tom, Lynne, Rose, Dale - Ft Lauderdale.jpg  
  2009_08a Lynne has been corresponding with Millie for 32 yrs - this is the first time they met.JPG  
  2009_08b Skyline Drive.JPG  
  2009_09_01a Watkins Glen 1.JPG  
  2009_09_01b Watkins Glen 2.JPG  
  2009_09_05a Grandma Kodey 2.JPG  
  2009_09_05b Grandma Kodey 1.JPG  
  2009_09_05c Grandma Kodey 3.JPG  
  2009_09_06a Mike, Sue, Andy, Sue.JPG  
  2009_09_06b Rob, Lynne, Sam, Andy, Sue, Tom - Mike is taking the picture.JPG  
  2009_09_06c Rob, Lynne, Tom.JPG  
  2009_09_06d Rob, Mike, Sam, Andy, Sue, Tom - Lynne is taking the picture.JPG  
  2009_12a Good neighbors Jim & Betty Mackey.JPG  
  2009_12b Lynne used my helmet & driving gloves instead of a stocking.JPG  
  2009_12c We love our Christmas tree decorations 1.jpg  
  2010_01_09 Snow (really sleet) in P.O. IMG_3140.JPG  
  2010_03_03a Blue Springs - those fish are armored catfish - an infestation accidentally brought from Bazail.JPG  
  2010_03_03b Manatee.JPG  
  2010_03_03c Manatees - each of these can be as much as 3000 pounds.JPG  
  2010_03_03d Manatees - those white marks are scars from boat propellors.JPG  
  2010_05 Rob Put This 2009 Collage Together For Me For Father's Day.mp4  
  2010_05_25 Mother's Day Kodey.JPG  
  2010_05_26a Mom's 90th Birthday.jpg  
  2010_05_26b Don, Barb, Lynne & Mom.JPG  
  2010_06_12a Chris, Renee, Dave, Brandon.JPG  
  2010_06_12b Chris.JPG  
  2010_06_12c Dave & Renee.JPG  
  2010_06_14a Near Loveland Pass, Co.JPG  
  2010_06_14b Near Loveland Pass, Co.JPG  
  2010_06_14c Glenwood Springs, Co on west side of Continental Divide.JPG  
  2010_06_14d Rafters on the Colorado River.JPG  
  2010_06_14eGlenwood Springs Caverns, Co.JPG  
  2010_06_14f Glenwood Springs Caverns, Co.JPG  
  2010_06_14g Glenwood Springs Caverns, Co.JPG  
  2010_06_14h Renee, Dave, Lynne, Tom outside caves.JPG  
  2010_06_14i Rockies Scenery.JPG  
  2010_06_19 Lynne with Lee's Gifts.JPG  
  2010_09a Aunt Annie's 60th Anniversary.jpg  
  2010_09b Tom & Marilyn - 60 Years ago we were Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.JPG  
  2010_09c Tom Ring Bearer, Stan, Annie, Marilyn Flower Girl, Bride's Maid.jpg  
  2010_09_26 We don't see color like this in Florida.JPG  
  2011_01 Sue Mike Kyle Samantha Andy.jpg  
  2011_02 Steve & Nancy on a cruise.jpg  
  2011_05 Lynne & Rob at Watkins Glen.JPG  
  2011_10a Halloween Party - Retro Tom.jpg  
  2011_10b Halloween Party.jpg  
  2011_11a Hipshers.jpg  
  2011_11b Ryan Dale Chad Lindsey Mason Rose.jpg  
  2011_11c Tom Lynne Rose Dale.jpg  
  2012_02a Danica Patrick spoke at a meeting Rob attended.jpg  
  2012_02b Rob had Danica sign his helmet.jpg  
  2012_05a Becky, Jim, Evie.JPG  
  2012_05b Kyle graduated from Misercordia.JPG  
  2012_05c Mary & Matt 1.JPG  
  2012_05d Mary & Matt 2.JPG  
  2012_05e Mom Wright at Hilltop.JPG  
  2012_05f Nancy, Becky, Evie, Grandma Kodey.JPG  
  2012_05g Nancy, Jim, Evie, Grandma Kodey.JPG  
  2012_08a Lynne Becky Nancy Jim Steve Evie.jpg  
  2012_08b Mom at Hilltop Indoor Picnic a.jpg  
  2012_08c Mom at Hilltop Indoor Picnic b.jpg  
  2012_10a Bret & Lauren's wedding.jpg  
  2012_10b Tom & Lynne.jpg  
  2012_10c Dave's Display Of Dad's Things.jpg  
  2012_10d Garden Of The Gods Balancing Rock.jpg  
  2012_10e Garden Of The Gods Lynne at Siamese Twins.jpg  
  2012_10f Garden Of The Gods .jpg  
  2012_10g Lee's Gift To Lynne 1.jpg  
  2012_11a Lynne Mom K Tom.jpg  
  2012_11b Steph & Alec's wedding.jpg  
  2013_06 Mom and Dave.JPG  
  2013_07a Tom, Rob, Lynne Elkhart Lake, WI a.jpg  
  2013_07b Tom, Rob, Lynne Elkhart Lake, WI b.jpg  
  2013_07_11a Tom & Lynne.JPG  
  2013_07_11b Tom & Rose.JPG  
  2013_08 Pat Shrage Burgess.jpg  
  2013_08_14a Mom's 90th Birthday at Hilltop Penny Thorp, Sue, Aunt Annie .JPG  
  2013_08_14b Mom's 90th Birthday Mary Spolar.JPG  
  2013_08_14c Mom's 90th Birthday Phung Luu Larson.JPG  
  2013_10_18 Mom & Ryan Gabner's son Brayden.jpg  
  2013_11_15 Winter picture back of the old house.jpg  
  2013_11_16a Mom with Mike's dog Deuce.JPG  
  2013_11_16b Mom in Hilltop room.JPG  
  2013_11_16c Mom's Hilltop room 1.jpg  
  2013_11_16d Mom's Hilltop room 2.JPG  
  2013_11_23a Jim, Becky & Evie.jpg  
  2013_11_23b Nancy, Steve in N.H.jpg  
  2013_11_23c Nancy, Steve, Evie 1.jpg  
  2013_11_23d Nancy, Steve, Evie 2.jpg  
  2013_11_27a Endwell - what is that white stuff 1.jpg  
  2013_11_27b Endwell - what is that white stuff 2.jpg  
  2013_11_27c Endwell - what is that white stuff 3.jpg  
  2013_12a Christmas decorating in Florida.JPG  
  2013_12b Christmas picture.jpg  
  2013_12c Lynne & Rob - Sebring parade laps a.JPG  
  2013_12d Lynne & Rob - Sebring parade laps b.JPG  
  2013_12e Tom & Rob at Sweet Frog.JPG  
  2014_02 51st ME H.S. reunion Tampa.JPG  
  2014_02_25a Renewal Of Vows 0.jpg  
  2014_02_25b Renewal Of Vows 1.jpg  
  2014_02_25c Renewal Of Vows 4.jpg  
  2014_02_25d Renewal Of Vows 2.jpg  
  2014_02_25e Renewal Of Vows 3.jpg  
  2014_03 Zzzzzz.JPG  
  2014_06 Father's Day Drone gift from Rob.jpg  
  2014_08_14a Mom's 91st Birthday party at Hilltop.JPG  
  2014_08_14b Mom's 91st Birthday party at Hilltop.JPG  
  2014_08_14c Mom's 91st Birthday party at Hilltop.JPG  
  2014_08_14d Mom's 91st Birthday party at Hilltop.JPG  
  2014_08_14e Mom's 91st Birthday party at Hilltop.JPG  
  2014_08_21 Lynne made this for Rob's 41st birthday.jpg  
  2014_10 Lynne made this picture collage for me for my birthday.JPG  
  2014_11_21a Rob visited early this year so we did an early Christmas..JPG  
  2014_11_21b An extra Christmas tree this year - the tailcone of the RV-12..JPG  
  2014_12_01 Christmas with Rose's family.jpg  
  2014_12_24 Grandma Kodey at age 91.jpg  
  2014_12_25 Goodspeeds - Ian, Becky Nancy, Becky, Ana, Jim, Evie, Steve.JPG  
  2015_07_25 Lynne, To, & Rob in our favorite SkylineDrive spot.jpg  
  2015_07_27a Lynne & Tom at Rose & Dale's farm in Pennsylvania.jpg  
  2015_07_27b Lynne, Tom, Rose & Dale at their farm in Pennsylvania.jpg  
  2015_07_28 Tresa, Mike, Austin & Uncle Bert.jpg  
  2015_07_29 Mom sure loves her donuts.jpg  
  2015_07_30 Wahoo's is a great hamburger place in Vermont.jpg  
  2015_08_02 Nancy and her family.jpg  
  2016_03_22 Just back from being painted.jpg  
  2016_04 Monica, Julia, Tom, Lynne, Rose.jpg  
  2016_05_08 Mother's Day with Monica Egnaczyk's daughter Julia.jpg  
  2016_07_29a Lynne is flying.jpg  
  2016_08_15 Port Orange Sunset.jpg  
  2016_10_29 Lynne, Dave, Rose, Tom, Lindsey, Mason.jpeg  
  2016_11_28 Two favorite vehicles.jpg  
  2016_12_01 Plane and Car.jpg  
  2016_12_14 Before 1st chemo.jpg  
  2016_12_31a Rob & Tom.jpg  
  2016_12_31b Ready to go.jpg  
  2017_01_23 After two Chemos.jpg  
  2017_03_05 Andy Slavetskas gets a ride.jpg  
  2017_05_29 Chuck & Erika Henderson (far right & far left) Memorial Day party.JPG  
  2017_07_14a Lynne with brother Don.jpg  
  2017_07_14b Lynne cover up.jpg  
  2017_07_15 Kodey family reunion.jpg  
  2017_08_21a Great American Eclipse Furman Univ Greenville, SC.jpg  
  2017_08_21c Great American Eclipse Plenty of folks watching.jpg  
  2017_08_21e Great American Eclipse This was a real comfortable place to watch from.jpg  
  2017_08_21i Great American Eclipse.jpg  
  2017_08_21k Great American Eclipse.jpg  
  2017_08_21l Great American Eclipse.jpg  
  2017_08_21m Great American Eclipse Trying to get a good picture.jpg  
  2017_08_21n Great American Eclipse Rob got goggles for all of us.jpg  
  2017_08_21o Great American Eclipse.jpg  
  2017_08_21p Great American Eclipse Perfect day.jpg  
  2017_08_21r Great American Eclipse Camera not good enough to capture eclipse but it's there.jpg  
  2017_08_21s Great American Eclipse.jpg  
  2017_08_21u Great American Eclipse I was really there.jpg  
  2017_08_21v Great American Eclipse.jpg  
  2017_08_30a Lee's Visit.JPG  
  2017_08_30b Lee's Visit.jpg  
  2017_08_30c Lee's Visit.jpg  
  2017_08_30d Lee's Visit.jpeg  
  2017_08_30e Nice Tee -).JPG  
  2017_09a Beth's Visit.jpeg  
  2017_09b Beth's Visit.jpeg  
  2017_10_12 Eagles Nest RV-12 H.S. Build.jpg  
  2017_10_26a Eagles Nest In The News.jpg  
  2017_10_26b Eagles Nest In The News.jpg  
  2018_01_08a Eagles Nest in the Daytona paper.jpg  
  2018_01_08b Eagles Nest in the Daytona paper.jpg  
  2018_01_08c Eagles Nest in the Daytona paper.jpg  
  2018_01_08d Eagles Nest in the Daytona paper.jpg  
  2018_01_08e Eagles Nest in the Daytona paper.mp4  
  2018_04_29 Atlantic H.S. Eagles Nest Crew, 4 students not present.jpg  
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