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  2014_04_04a Sun 'N Fun is a very large Florida air show.JPG  
  2014_04_04b Check out Van's RV-12 at Sun 'N Fun - fits perfectly.JPG  
  2014_04_07 I've got to turn this into a workshop.JPG  
  2014_04_16 OK, looks like it might hold an airplane.JPG  
  2014_04_17a RV-12 Cutaway.jpg  
  2014_04_17b Unpack, inventory & crate disposal; The rear half of the RV-12 is in this crate.JPG  
  2014_04_25a And so it begins - Page 1, step 1 ....JPG  
  2014_04_25b 10 Hrs; First assembled parts - rudder hinges.JPG  
  2014_04_26 19 Hrs; Vertical stab parts primed an ready for assembly.JPG  
  2014_04_27 21 Hrs; Vertical stab coming together.JPG  
  2014_04_28a 25 Hrs; Vertical stab ready for riveting.JPG  
  2014_04_28b 25 Hrs.jpg  
  2014_04_28c 28 Hrs; Completed vertical stab.jpg  
  2014_04_28d 28 Hrs.jpg  
  2014_04_29a 34 hrs; Deburring the rudder skins.JPG  
  2014_04_29b 34 hrs; Rudder ready for skin.JPG  
  2014_04_29c 35 hrs; Rudder ready to rivet.JPG  
  2014_04_29d 35 hrs; Completed rudder.JPG  
  2014_04_30 42 hrs; Completed stabilator antiservo tabs .JPG  
  2014_05_01 50 hrs; Fabricating stabilator spar .JPG  
  2014_05_02a 55 hrs; Stabilator about ready for skin.jpg  
  2014_05_02b 55 hrs; Stabilator about ready for skin.jpg  
  2014_05_03a 58 hrs; Oops, going backwards. Partial disassembly to correct a mistake.jpg  
  2014_05_03b 62 hrs; OK, problem fixed. Back where we were yesyterday - stab about ready for skin.jpg  
  2014_05_03c 65 hrs; Stab skin going on.jpg  
  2014_05_04a 66 hrs; Deburring stab skin.jpg  
  2014_05_04b 69 hrs; Stab almost completed.jpg  
  2014_05_04c 69 hrs.jpg  
  2014_05_04d 69 hrs; Stab almost completed.jpg  
  2014_05_05 75 hrs; Starting the tailcone.jpg  
  2014_05_06a 80 hrs; Aft frame - I don't think it has enough rivets -).jpg  
  2014_05_06b 80 hrs; Now I twiddle my thumbs until mid-July wing kit arrival.jpg  
  2014_06_06a 82 hrs; OK, couldn't stand waiting for the fuse so went ahead and restarted the tail cone.jpg  
  2014_06_07a 86 hrs; Tailcone .JPG  
  2014_06_07b 86 hrs; Tailcone starting to come together.jpg  
  2014_06_07c 86 hrs; This is a mandatory picture.JPG  
  2014_06_08a 87 hrs; Tailcone assembly.JPG  
  2014_06_08b 87 hrs; Tailcone goes together pretty quickly.JPG  
  2014_06_09 91 hrs; Airplane or porcupine.jpg  
  2014_06_11 95 hrs; Riveting tailcone.JPG  
  2014_06_12 99 hrs; Tailcone enclosed, just need final riveting.JPG  
  2014_06_13a 100 hrs; 2,500 pop rivets done, 10,000 to go.jpg  
  2014_06_13b 100 hrs.JPG  
  2014_06_14 100 hrs; More thumb twiddling until mid-July wing kit arrival.jpg  
  2014_07_04 100 hrs; Moved the tailcone into L.R. for storage.jpg  
  2014_07_24 Finally, the wait is over - Wing Kit arrived today.JPG  
  2014_07_25 118 hrs; Preping front & rear wing sub-spars.jpg  
  2014_07_26a 128 hrs; These are just the wing nose ribs, there are also this many main ribs plus the flaperon ribs.JPG  
  2014_07_26b 128 hrs; Deburring and fluting wing ribs.JPG  
  2014_07_28 144 hrs; Left wing starting to go together - no room to work both wings simultaneously.JPG  
  2014_07_29a 152 hrs; Left wing - some steps go fairly quickly.JPG  
  2014_07_29b 152 hrs.JPG  
  2014_07_30a 156 hrs; Not a lot of progress.JPG  
  2014_07_30c 156 hrs; A bit of work on the right main spar.JPG  
  2014_07_31a 164 hrs; Doesn't look very aerodynamic.JPG  
  2014_07_31b 164 hrs; Covering the bottom of the left wing.JPG  
  2014_08_01 170 hrs; Deburring wing skin.JPG  
  2014_08_02 179 hrs; Left wing covering almost complete.JPG  
  2014_08_03a 184 hrs; Left wing getting close.JPG  
  2014_08_03b 184 hrs.JPG  
  2014_08_04a 193 hrs; Left wing completed, but where to store it out of the way.JPG  
  2014_08_04c 193 hrs.JPG  
  2014_08_05a 199 hrs; Built a wing rack today to store the wings when completed.JPG  
  2014_08_05b 199 hrs; Perfect fit.JPG  
  2014_08_05c 199 hrs; Started the right wing.JPG  
  2014_08_09 229 hrs; Landing lighi installation was a real bear but turned out OK.JPG  
  2014_08_10a 232 hrs; Lynne helped me get the wings onto the rack.jpg  
  2014_08_10b 232 hrs; The double wing rack turned out real nice.jpg  
  2014_08_10c 232 hrs; Both wings fit perfectly.JPG  
  2014_08_12 251 hrs; Completed flaperons, wingkit complete.jpg  
  2014_08_14a 257 hrs; Bottom of right wing with flaperon temporarily mounted.JPG  
  2014_08_14b 257 hrs; Hopefully, the wait for the fuselage kit will only be a week - Copy.jpg  
  2014_09_11a 263 hrs; Fuse & Finish kits finally arrive - a million small parts.jpg  
  2014_09_11b 263 hrs; Will use the Finish kit crate as a workbench for the fuse build. Cut the sides out of it to also use it for storage. .JPG  
  2014_09_14 285 hrs; Fuse center section bulkhead.JPG  
  2014_09_15 297 hrs; Did I mention there were a lot of little pieces - this is just for the baggage area.JPG  
  2014_09_16 307 hrs; That's the baggage compartment floor.JPG  
  2014_09_17 316 hrs; It took all day to assemble these two main floor rib assemblies.JPG  
  2014_09_19 326 hrs; Cockpit assembly is growing.JPG  
  2014_09_20 333hrs.JPG  
  2014_09_21 339 hrs; Fuse bottom ready for skin.jpg  
  2014_09_22 344 hrs; Fuse bottom.JPG  
  2014_09_23 356 hrs; Mid fuse pretty much completed.JPG  
  2014_09_25a 368 hrs; Lower fuselage complete.JPG  
  2014_09_25b 368 hrs.JPG  
  2014_09_26 378 hrs; Can't see much progress but the fuel lines are installed.JPG  
  2014_09_27a 391 hrs; Those longerons were a real bear to fabricate. No beating on it with a hammer required -).JPG  
  2014_09_28 396 hrs.JPG  
  2014_10_02 427 hrs; Not that it'll be needed but here's the rollover structure.JPG  
  2014_10_03a 434 hrs; Rollover structure, baggage area bulkhead, seat backs done.JPG  
  2014_10_03b 434 hrs.JPG  
  2014_10_03c 434 hrs; Couldn't resist.JPG  
  2014_10_05 449 hrs; Slow progress.JPG  
  2014_10_07 465 hrs; Fuel tank starting to come together.JPG  
  2014_10_09 477 hrs; Temp attach empennage to tailcone.JPG  
  2014_10_13a 503 hrs; Fuel tank mostly complete, remainder to be done when ready to install in fuse.JPG  
  2014_10_13b 503 hrb; Inside tank looking aft.JPG  
  2014_10_13c 503 hrb; Inside tank looking forward.JPG  
  2014_10_23 523 hrs; Fuel tank final leak test. Balloon is just a pressure safety valve, the test is with soapy water..jpg  
  2014_10_29 552 hrs; Waiting for back ordered parts. 206 days since start, 106 days paused waiting for parts - Copy.jpg  
  2014_11_13a 559 hrs; Main gear fairings.JPG  
  2014_11_13b 559 hrs.JPG  
  2014_11_18a 570 hrs; Gear fairings mostly done.JPG  
  2014_11_18b 570 hrs.JPG  
  2014_11_19 570 hrs; Still waiting for parts. Now up to 226 days since start, 120 days paused waiting for parts.jpg  
  2014_11_21 Need to do something with the tailcone while I'm thumb twiddling ....JPG  
  2014_12_12a Upholstery arrived today. Still waiting for parts but was able to loose install upholstery to see how it looked.JPG  
  2014_12_23a 630 hrs; Most of fuselage and options wiring complete.jpg  
  2014_12_23b 633 hrs; Rudder pedal assembly ready to install in fuselage.JPG  
  2014_12_24 637 hrs; Rudder pedals & brake lines installed.JPG  
  2014_12_26 652 hrs; Canopy bow needed adjusting to fit the curve of the fuselage.JPG  
  2014_12_27 654 hrs; Canopy fit almost perfectly with VERY little edge sanding required.JPG  
  2014_12_29a 674 hrs; Canopy mounted and ready to start glassing.JPG  
  2014_12_29b 674 hrs;.jpg  
  2014_12_29c 674 hrs;.jpg  
  2014_12_31a 681 hrs; Jig to sand shallow angle in the foam.JPG  
  2014_12_31b 681 hrs; It worked.JPG  
  2014_12_31c 681 hrs; Preping for fiberglass layup.JPG  
  2014_12_31d 681 hrs; Almost ready for glass.JPG  
  2015_01_01 685 hrs; Ready for fiberglass layup.JPG  
  2015_01_02a 687 hrs; Fairing sides glassed.JPG  
  2015_01_02b 689 hrs; Fairing center glassed.JPG  
  2015_01_03a 691 hrs; First sanding.JPG  
  2015_01_03b 692 hrs; And another coat of resin.JPG  
  2015_01_04a 694 hrs; More sanding, canopy and fairing opens OK.jpg  
  2015_01_04b 694 hrs; Micro-balloons & epoxy to start filling low spots.JPG  
  2015_01_07 706 hrs; More filling & sanding.JPG  
  2015_01_08 711 hrs; Good fit. Not real happy with extreme front of fairings but that's the way it has to be.JPG  
  2015_01_09a 719 hrs; A real milestone - right wing fitted to fuselage and the flaperon actually works as advertised.JPG  
  2015_01_09b 719 hrs.JPG  
  2015_01_16a 719 hrs; Engine & avionics - about half the cost of the airplane.JPG  
  2015_01_16b 719 hrs; Engine here costs more than Lynne's new Prius.JPG  
  2015_01_17 742 hrs; Starting to install the avionics.JPG  
  2015_01_18a 747 hrs; The panel is starting to take shape.JPG  
  2015_01_18b 747 hrs; The wiring behind the panel (looking top down).jpg  
  2015_01_19a 755 hrs; Avionics installation continues.JPG  
  2015_01_19b 755 hrs.jpg  
  2015_01_20a 764 hrs; Avionics installation mostly complete.JPG  
  2015_01_20b 764 hrs.JPG  
  2015_01_20c 764 hrs; Empty avionics boxes.jpg  
  2015_01_21a; 770 hrs; Avionics all installed.JPG  
  2015_01_21b; 770 hrs.JPG  
  2015_01_21c; 770 hrs; Looks different on sawhorses.JPG  
  2015_01_22 775 hrs; Main landing gear & brakes going in.JPG  
  2015_01_23a 784 hrs; Main landing gear & brakes complete.JPG  
  2015_01_23b 784 hrs.JPG  
  2015_01_24 788 hrs; Landing gear is coming along; had to replace 13 incorrectly installed nutplates.JPG  
  2015_01_25a 789 hrs; It could stand on its own three feet now but I want to work the fairings while it's off the ground.jpg  
  2015_01_25b 792 hrs; Fairing covers almost the entire wheel.jpg  
  2015_01_26a 801 hrs; Installing the main gear fairings .JPG  
  2015_01_26b 801 hrs.jpg  
  2015_01_27a 807 hrs; Now the wheel fairings are complete except for finishing.JPG  
  2015_01_27b 807 hrs; Standing on it's legs for the first time.JPG  
  2015_01_27c 807 hrs.JPG  
  2015_01_28 812 hrs; Doesn't look big enough to pull an airplane around does it.JPG  
  2015_01_30 824 hrs; Hung the engine today.JPG  
  2015_02_01a 833 hrs; Instrument panel finished with a crbon fiber look.JPG  
  2015_02_01b 833 hrs; Getting close to joining the front and back.JPG  
  2015_02_03a 845 hrs; Fortunately I don't have to work under the the panel very often.JPG  
  2015_02_03b 845 hrs; Accidentally turned on the EFIS on backup battery - didn't know how to turn it off ;).JPG  
  2015_02_10a 883 hrs; Cockpit pretty much complete after engine control installation.JPG  
  2015_02_10b 883 hrs; Engine installation coming along pretty good.JPG  
  2015_02_10c 883 hrs.JPG  
  2015_02_15 903 hrs; Fitting ther prop spinner.JPG  
  2015_02_16 911 hrs; Starting work on the cowling.JPG  
  2015_02_23a 937 hrs; Connecting the tailcone to the forward fuselage.JPG  
  2015_02_23b 937 hrs.JPG  
  2015_02_26a 955 hrs; Cowl is complete.JPG  
  2015_02_26b 955 hrs.JPG  
  2015_02_27 961 hrs; Board steps are in.JPG  
  2015_02_28 965 hrs; Inside of lower cowl with heat reflective material applied.JPG  
  2015_03_02a 973 hrs; Turtledeck being installed.JPG  
  2015_03_02b 973 hrs.JPG  
  2015_03_03 976 hrs; Doesn't look so hot masked for painting the interior.JPG  
  2015_03_05a 984 hrs; Interior paint was a bit of a struggle but turned out OK.JPG  
  2015_03_05b 984 hrs.JPG  
  2015_03_12a 1006 hrs; All fiberglass parts being primed.JPG  
  2015_03_12b 1006 hrs; The plane has a home when we're ready for it.JPG  
  2015_03_14a 1019 hrs; Need something to set on while working on EFIS.JPG  
  2015_03_14b 1019 hrs.JPG  
  2015_03_18a 1042 hrs; Upholstry installed.JPG  
  2015_03_18b 1042 hrs.JPG  
  2015_03_21a 1067 hrs; Canopy going back on.JPG  
  2015_03_21b 1067 hrs.JPG  
  2015_03_26 1072 hrs; Repairing flaperon after dropping it and dinging up the trailing edge.JPG  
  2015_03_28a 1078 hrs; Rear window installed - nothing else do do in the garage.JPG  
  2015_03_28b 1078 hrs; Have to move to a hanger for any more work.JPG  
  2015_04_06a Move to the airport - this is a REALLY big truck inside.JPG  
  2015_04_06b Up the ramp.JPG  
  2015_04_06k All the big stuff in the big truck, smaller things in friend's pickup & Lynne's car.JPG  
  2015_04_06l The Crew.JPG  
  2015_04_06n And back off again.JPG  
  2015_04_06q Made it without a scratch.JPG  
  2015_04_06r And we have a garage again.JPG  
  2015_04_07 1089 hrs; Starting final assembly.JPG  
  2015_04_09a 1099 hrs; Final assembly almost complete.JPG  
  2015_04_09b 1099 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_09c 1099 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_09d 1099 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_09e 1099 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_10 1103 hrs; First engine start - for all intents and purposes, the airplane is complete.mp4  
  2015_04_22a 1128 hrs; Airplane is done and ready for inspection.JPG  
  2015_04_22b 1128 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_22c 1128 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_22d 1128 hrs.JPG  
  2015_04_22e 1128 hrs; Now I twiddle my thumbs awaiting the airworthiness inspection.jpg  
  2015_06_02 PASSED Airworthiness Inspection - legal to fly!.JPG  
  2015_06_10a First flight.JPG  
  2015_06_10b First Takeoff.mp4  
  2015_06_10d First Takeoff.mp4  
  2015_06_10f Perfect First Landing.mp4  
  2015_06_10g RV Permagrin.JPG  
  2015_06_15 Landing.mp4  
  2015_06_29 Lynne's first ride in the RV-12.jpg  
  2015_06_30 Wheel fairings installed the first time.jpg  
  2015_11_09 L.G. leg fairings.jpg  
  2015_12_31 87 hrs on the Hobbs 1st flight in June; ready for paint shop next week.jpg  
  2016_01_12 Here I thought the waiting was over - now waiting for paint job.jpg  
  2016_03_11a Finally, primer coat finished at Hawk Aircraft in Tampa.jpg  
  2016_03_11b Primer coat.jpg  
  2016_03_17a White is complete, masking for the color.jpg  
  2016_03_18a Love the color.jpg  
  2016_03_22a Paint job took longer than expected but turned out great.jpg  
  2016_04_08 Takes it's place with other homebuilts at Sun N Fun, Lakeland, Fl.jpg  
  2016_06_08 Wheel fairings on for a long trip for the speed.jpg  
  2016_10_29a Two favorite vehicles.jpg  
  2016_10_29c Dave took this on final; Bumpy but turbulance was exagerated by hand-holding camera.mp4  
  2016_12_01a Plane and Car.jpg  
  2016_12_01b Preflight.jpg  
  2016_12_01h Ready to go.jpg  
  2016_12_01i All done, back in the barn.jpg  
  2016_12_30a Build Log 1.jpg  
  2016_12_30a Build Log 2.jpg  
  2018_05_03 A different camera view.mp4  
  2018_05_12 Lots of camber unloades, still some after landing.mp4  
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